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HOME digest is an award-winning Canadian consumer home & life improvement magazine published continuously since 1995 6 times per year to over 850,000 high-income homeowners in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton, London and Greater Kitchener Areas.
8th Consecutive Row

8th Consecutive Row


Most consumers today begin their search for products and services on the internet, after they see an advertisement in print. Even Google agrees that "it all starts with print".... Direct Mail (Print Advertising) is why traffic to websites increase. So, wouldn’t it be great if your business could be found when local consumers search their mailboxes? Of course it would!! Direct mail facts are the 87% of Households open direct mail compared to 20% who open email blasts and 75% of Canadians pay more attention to direct mail than any other medium.

More businesses need to take advantage of this enormous opportunity and this is where KLR Media Concepts can help. With both our Direct Mail Consumer Magazine, HOME digest - Your Guide to Home & Live Improvement and AutoStars, our Automotive magazine (featuring new and used cars plus aftermarket categories), we can drive traffic to your retail location , showrooms and dealerships better than most mediums. How you may ask? Our distribution is unbeatable. Plus if co-op advertising in our monthly magazines isn't enough, we can help get your message out with our Solo Direct Mail Program.