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MANUSCRIPTS: Writer’s Guidelines – For copy submitted by e-mail, it’s best to include your file as an attachment AND paste the article into the body of the email message.

EDITING: Writer’s Guidelines – If substantial alterations are required, stories will be returned to you for revisions. If time is short and alterations are minor, changes will be made after discussing them with you. However, last-minute cuts without notification may be necessary because of space limitations.

CHANGING A STORY LINE: If the story you are assigned doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, discuss it with us well before the copy submission deadline. We may not want a story that is fundamentally different from the one you originally agreed to write

PREVIEWS OF MANUSCRIPTS BY SOURCES: If interview subjects want to see your story before it’s published, let us know. It’s usually best to provide them with a data sheet of the facts and quotes you have used instead of the final article.

FACT CHECKING: A checking sheet should accompany the first draft of your story, listing all sources and their telephone numbers. Include copies of all printed materials you have used in your research. If you have drawn material from a book, provide page references and a copy, or photocopy the title page and the relevant material. Also, please let us know if any sources may be unavailable for some reason.

ILLUSTRATIONS: Please keep graphics in mind as you do your research. Tell us about things you see in the course of your research that may present good photo or illustration opportunities. Pass along brochures, pictures or other materials you think might be useful as reference for illustrations.

DEADLINES: If you’re embarrassed about starting late or are having trouble with research, don’t go into hiding on us. If you think you might be late, please let us know.